of loading and unloading

  • Load

  • 1

    Registration of medications

    The registration of medicines in the merchandise management system and storage is carried out simultaneously in the same area, reducing journeys and time spent.

  • 2

    Guided storage

    Guided storage with the help of the led lighting system to indicate the storage compartment to be accessed.

  • 3

    Confirmation of units

    Once the product is placed, the number of units stored is confirmed with the help of a manual scanner, or by entering the desired value on the system screen.

  • Unload

  • 1

    Request for medication

    Medications are requested through the establishment's usual software.

  • 2


    The robot dispenses the medicines and the conveyor belts / pipes take it to the collection area.

  • 3

    Time with the client

    Employees can continue their commercial activity while the products arrive at the collection area.

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Phabot PD21 is a modular robot that automates the dispensing of medicines in pharmacies, hospitals and healthcare centers.

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